Among Us Game: An Extremely Entertaining Werewolf-style Game

If you’re looking for a game on your phone or computer to tighten the bond with friends and add some warmth to your relationships, “Among Us” is the first choice. While some high-profile games are still uncertain about their release dates, Among Us has suddenly emerged, captivating the community with its addictive and suitable gameplay for all ages.

While the Fall Guys craze on Steam is still going strong, Among Us continues to heat up the party game genre. Developed by InnerSloth, released over two years ago, and available on both Steam and Mobile (Android, iOS), Among Us initially didn’t attract much attention. However, two years later, the game has exploded in popularity and is dominating on all fronts.

Unlike Fall Guys, Among Us features very simple graphics, not as colorful as Fall Guys. You will experience 2D graphics, and the characters are straightforwardly designed, resembling a simple sketch. Since graphics are not the focal point that captivates gamers in this title, let’s move on to the gameplay!

1. Features

At its core, “Among Us” has a straightforward gameplay element – “deception.” Players are divided into two factions: Crewmates or Impostors. The Impostors’ mission is to disguise themselves and eliminate crew members. If Impostors eliminate all crew members before they complete their tasks, the Impostors win. This concept is relatively simple, and the tasks and graphics associated with it express it in a similar manner.

When I first played this game about a month ago, I had little knowledge of the number of followers or even what the game was about. For me, it was just a game that my friends and I could play together, regardless of how far apart COVID-19 kept us. The mobile version’s release has caused a global sensation, allowing players with little Among Us experience to access the game through the mobile version’s beginner-friendly guidance.

2. Graphics

With simple graphics and tasks, Among Us is not overwhelming, and players can quickly master the mechanics. Ultimately, the game doesn’t focus on high-end graphics, sharp images, realistic 3D sound, or complex tasks. It primarily revolves around the players. I think this is Among Us’ appeal.

Although the graphics, sound, and gameplay of “Among Us” are not as intricate or sophisticated as some premium games, I believe Among Us is worth playing because it is accessible to everyone. It’s a game not only for experienced gamers but also for anyone with a CH Play, App Store, or Steam account, as well as those who want to experience Among Us with friends. Whether you communicate through in-game text chat in Among Us or external services like Messenger, Zalo, or Discord, the game provides us with the opportunity to experience something together.

3. Gameplay: Werewolf in Outer Space Edition

Among Us takes you to a spaceship in outer space, with each game having 4 to 10 players. The game is divided into two factions: Crewmate and Impostor. Let’s delve into each role!

3.1. Crewmate: Busy Humans

Crewmates are tasked with completing various tasks on the spaceship, such as fixing wires, refueling oxygen, or shooting asteroids. They must complete these tasks quickly before the timer runs out. In addition to their chores, Crewmates must identify the mysterious Impostors among them.

The winning condition for Crewmates is to successfully vote off all Impostors by “voting.” When a Crewmate is killed, they leave a corpse, and if you discover a dead body or have clues to uncover the hidden killers, you can “Report” to initiate a discussion. The player with the most votes will be ejected into the void.

Moreover, when a Crewmate dies, they become a ghost with the ability to phase through walls. While they can still perform tasks on the ship, the living players cannot see them.

3.2. Impostor: Deceptive Assassins

Impostors aim to eliminate all Crewmates. In appearance, Impostors look identical to Crewmates, and the key difference between the two factions is that Impostors cannot complete repair tasks and have the ability to crawl into vents. These distinctive traits can expose Impostors.

Although Impostors have the power to instantly kill, they can’t kill indiscriminately. With only two Impostors in a game, this faction might face disadvantages during the voting phase. The killing ability also has a cooldown, so caution is necessary, as you can’t immediately silence eyewitnesses.

To give Impostors an advantage, the game designers have created space stations with many hiding spots, making it convenient for assassins to seize opportunities. Additionally, Impostors have the ability to use a tunneling skill to quickly move to another area. This skill helps Impostors flee far from the crime scene they just created to avoid suspicion.

3.3. The Social Party of Among Us

Among Us is becoming a true phenomenon, and what makes the game attractive is the interaction between players. You cannot play solo in a match, whether you are a Crewmate or an Impostor; you need effective teamwork to win.

However, the issue is who to trust. The identities of those around you are mysteries, so trusting someone is like gambling. Whether it’s a lover, family member, best friend, or a newcomer, anyone can lead you to a bitter end. Therefore, trust in Among Us is something you should not easily grant to anyone.

Furthermore, creating a room to play with friends is straightforward, allowing you to invite friends to strengthen your camaraderie. If you play internationally, you need to brush up on your English to survive in the game. This can also be an opportunity for you to learn English for free.

3.4. Some Limitations

Currently, Among Us lacks in-game voice chat, making communication somewhat inconvenient. Typing each letter to talk to other players significantly impacts the gaming experience. Therefore, players often opt for external software to call each other.

This issue also poses challenges for Among Us in terms of player experience. If you’ve played Werewolf online, you’ll know that the in-game voice chat is set up so that dead players cannot speak to the living. Thus, the quality of the game is ensured, adding more suspense to the gameplay.

In Among Us, due to the reliance on external software, this setup is not present, making games vulnerable to unconscious players unintentionally revealing others’ roles even after death.

The game still uses English as the primary language, so there are some limitations when participating, especially as the game still does not support voice audio.

4. Conclusion

Among Us is an old game, but somehow it has made a miraculous return, warming the hearts of gamers. Despite having very simple graphics, the gameplay of this game has brought joy to anyone who experiences it. The game still has some shortcomings, so it is hoped that InnerSloth will be able to address them in the near future.

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