Cats and Soup: Entertaining Cooking Simulation Game

Cats and Soup is an incredibly cute graphic simulation game centered around a group of cats engaging in cooking activities. These adorable cats, under your direction, will perform tasks to earn rewards and experience points. Subsequently, you can use the rewards to purchase more cats, buy items for them, expand the space, and much more.

Cats and Soup stands out due to its combination of charming cats, cooking elements, and mini-games. The gameplay is simple, making it suitable for relaxation for players of all ages. These unique aspects have captivated even the most discerning gamers.

1. What’s Great About Cats and Soup?

Cats and Soup, is a delightful simulation and entertainment game that offers a fascinating experience. Especially for those who love cats and are fond of culinary adventures, this game is a must-try.

The game features minimalistic design, soothing background music, suitable for players of all ages, ensuring a delightful experience. Some interesting aspects of the game include:

  • Allowing you to observe cute cats diligently performing cooking tasks such as cutting carrots, stirring soup, chopping cabbage, etc. To enhance the flavor of the soups, players must search for ingredients and cooking recipes.
  • Cats and Soup includes a mandatory goal system that requires players to complete tasks to increase the selling prices of dishes and unlock new areas. With these achievements, you can purchase furniture and improve the space. However, you also need to find ways to sell a certain amount of soup to upgrade cooking recipes and discover new soup-making techniques.
  • Graphics: The game’s graphics are designed to be charming in a simple 2D style, visually appealing. Hand-drawn images provide a realistic and intimate feel for players. Details such as moving grass, boiling fire, are vividly depicted. The actions of the kittens are smooth, making the gameplay even more captivating. The game also features a day-night cycle and weather system, adding realism.
  • Sound: The background music is pleasant and peaceful. The sound of boiling soup or when you interact with the cute cats produces realistic and lively sounds, creating a immersive gaming atmosphere.

If you are looking for a simple, wholesome game for relaxation, Cats and Soup is an excellent choice.

2. Basic Guide to Playing Cats and Soup

The gameplay of Cats and Soup is straightforward. Your main responsibility is to manage kittens and oversee the soup stirring in the camp area.

The gameplay can be summarized in 4 specific steps:

  • Step 1: Open the game, and the application will guide you through some initial basic steps to get acquainted.
  • Step 2: Click on the hammer icon to select a construction project. Next, click the checkmark to confirm construction.
  • Step 3: Continue clicking on the cat icon on the newly built structure, and you will receive a free random cat. This cat will work to produce sellable products and earn gold.
  • Step 4: You can earn additional gold by clicking on the camera icon, then clicking on the circular icon to take pictures. After taking pictures, you will receive corresponding rewards.

3. Details of Cats and Soup Gameplay for Beginners

3.1. Some Basics in Cats and Soup

In Cats and Soup, your task is to cook soup for your customers. After completion, you can press the soup bowl at the bottom of the screen to sell it and earn money.

Gold is the main currency in Cats and Soup. Therefore, you can use gold to buy various items such as ingredients, expanding space, etc.

Even when you exit the game, it continues to run in the background to collect soup. Additionally, watching advertisements is a way to multiply rewards.

The top bar displays the number of cats, gems, and recipe points you currently own.

3.2. How to Build in Cats and Soup

To construct a base in the game, click on the hammer icon in the bottom right corner. Then, you will see various building options, such as cooking area, resting area, functional features, and special facilities. Each building corresponds to a specific amount of money. Therefore, you need to choose a suitable building based on the rewards you have.

For cooking facilities, you need workers to cook. So, after building, click on that area to receive a free random cat, which will help you create delicious soups and increase income.

3.3. Avoid Automatic Selling Mode

When cats produce soups too quickly, you need to accelerate the selling process before the wooden bar at the bottom of the screen gets full. If you fail to sell in time, the automatic selling mode will be activated. However, this mode may reduce the selling price by half compared to manual selling. Therefore, it’s advisable not to rely on automatic selling.

3.4. Upgrading Dishes in Cats and Soup

If you want to increase the price of dishes, you don’t necessarily have to build a new facility; you can upgrade the dish. To upgrade, click on the recipe research notebook, then select the product for upgrading. Alternatively, you can click on the hammer icon in the top right corner of the screen to receive recipe points for upgrading.

4. Game Experience Review

After experiencing Cats and Soup, most users have some general reviews:

  • The game features lively, cute 2D graphics, with a cheerful and realistic atmosphere.
  • The gameplay of Cats and Soup is simple, wholesome, and suitable for all age groups.
  • The animated design of the cat characters is adorable, creating an attractive visual appeal.
  • The game’s sound is gentle, close, and effective for relaxation.

5. Conclusion

In general, Cats and Soup has attracted considerable attention from the gaming community. We hope these insights will be helpful as you embark on your gaming journey.

Link to Download: Cats and Soup on PC

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