Eyes The Horror Game: A chilling horror game that challenges all survival efforts in a haunted mansion

Eyes The Horror Game is a free survival horror game set in a terrifying haunted house. Players must find a way to escape this frightening mansion while facing bizarre creatures and unexpected jump scares.

If you’re looking for a game that goes beyond the boundaries of typical survival horror, Eyes The Horror Game is an excellent choice. This game will keep you on the edge of your seat as you explore the eerie haunted house. So, do you have the courage to challenge yourself? Let’s delve into all the details about this intriguing horror game with FPT Shop!

1. Overview

Eyes The Horror Game is a free survival horror game developed by the Polish indie game developer couple Paulina Pabis and Michał Pabis.

1.1 Minimum Requirements

Operating System: Android 4.4 or higher

Processor: 1.5 GHz


Storage: 50MB

1.2 Recommended Requirements

Operating System: Android 5.0 or higher

Processor: 2 GHz


Storage: 100MB

2. Story

The story of Eyes The Horror Game is straightforward yet enough to provide players with genuinely frightening experiences. It begins with a thief receiving a call from a mysterious man who asks him to break into a haunted house and steal valuable items. The thief agrees and embarks on his journey.

As the thief enters the house, he realizes that he is trapped in a dark and eerie place. The thief starts exploring the house, searching for clues and necessary items to unlock doors and escape. Along the way, he must face terrifying creatures that can attack and jeopardize his life.

In addition to the main storyline, Eyes The Horror Game features some side stories unlocked as players complete in-game tasks. These side stories provide additional information about the haunted house and the hidden secrets within.

Ultimately, can the thief escape the house? The answer depends on the player’s survival skills.

3. Gameplay

Although the game doesn’t have a complex storyline, the cleverly designed gameplay offers chilling and challenging survival experiences. Players control the character using on-screen controls or touch gestures. Players can move, run, pick up items, use items, and interact with the surrounding environment.

On the journey, you’ll encounter perplexing puzzles that require reasoning and quick thinking to solve. You’ll face eerie creatures, each with its appearance and attack style, demanding suitable strategies to avoid being overwhelmed. Use your flashlight wisely to explore and warn against hidden dangers. Pay attention to strange noises, groans, or breaths to anticipate the movements of the creatures and avoid dangerous areas. Collect and use items strategically to overcome challenging situations and enhance your survival abilities. Run or hide? The choice is yours. In Eyes The Horror Game, you can choose to run or hide to avoid terrifying creatures. Seek discreet hiding spots like wardrobes or under the bed to wait for them to pass or distract them with noisy items.

Furthermore, Eyes The Horror Game offers not only the traditional single-player mode but also various other gameplay modes. You can play with friends in co-op mode or challenge yourself with timed run mode, where you must escape the haunted house as quickly as possible.

4. Character System

The character system in Eyes The Horror Game is relatively simple, with two main characters: the player and the ghostly creatures. There are various types of creepy creatures in the game, including:

Ghost Lady (Krasue): One of the most terrifying creatures in Eyes The Horror Game. The Ghost Lady has the appearance of a woman with long hair and haunting eyes. She can fly and attack players from anywhere. Ghost: Ghosts are the spirits of the deceased. They can appear anywhere in the haunted house and attack players unexpectedly. Demon: Demons are fierce and powerful creatures. They can attack players through various methods, including physical attacks, the use of magic, and even instantaneous teleportation.

5. Item System

The item system in Eyes The Horror Game is diverse, including basic items like health potions and keys, as well as special items to help players overcome difficult challenges. Specifically:

Health Potion: Restores lost health for the player. Key: Unlocks doors and exits. Amulet of Protection: Helps players avoid attacks from ghostly creatures. Light Flare Gun: Allows players to drive away ghostly creatures in emergencies. Flashlight: Helps players see clearly in the dark and avoid unexpected attacks from ghostly creatures.

6. Graphics and Sound

6.1 Graphics

The graphics in Eyes The Horror Game are one of its highlights. The game uses 3D pixel graphics, providing a unique retro style. Character and environment models are meticulously designed, capturing every small detail, such as cracks on the walls or dust on the floor.

6.2 Sound

Sound plays a crucial role in creating a chilling and suspenseful atmosphere in Eyes The Horror Game. Developers have cleverly used various sound elements to give players truly frightening experiences. Specifically:

Eerie Background Music: Eyes The Horror Game uses background music with dark and melancholic influences, featuring chilling cello sounds, eerie piano tones, and unsettling melodies that change depending on the situation. This creates a high-tension feeling when being pursued. Realistic Sound Effects: The sound effects in Eyes The Horror Game are designed to be extremely realistic and delicate, from the sound of the wind rustling through the window, the rustling of dry leaves flying in the yard, to the scratching sound of claws on the wooden floor or the heavy breathing of ghostly creatures. These sound effects make players directly feel the surrounding environment as if they were truly in a haunted house. Surprise Screams: Eyes The Horror Game is known for its jump scares, sudden threatening scenes that make players startle. Horrifying screams, creepy moans, or sudden loud noises appear to keep players in a highly vigilant state, never knowing what will happen next.

7. Conclusion

If the information above about Eyes The Horror Game excites you, what are you waiting for? Prepare yourself mentally, put on your headphones, and step into the chilling world of the haunted house because this game will undoubtedly provide you with unforgettable suspenseful moments!

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