Just Cause 4 – A new and exciting action game

Step into the world of Just Cause 4, a new and exciting action game where every move is accompanied by intense, thrilling chases. Just Cause 4 truly has the potential to captivate gamers from the very first moments. To delve deeper into this game, let’s explore the following article together!

1. Basic Information about Just Cause 4

Genre: Action, Adventure

Graphics: 3D

Modes: Online, Single-player

Age Rating: 12 and above

Publisher: Square Enix

Platforms: Windows, Playstation 4, XBOX One

Release Date: 04/12/2018

Game Price: 871,500 VND

2. System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7 (64-bit)

CPU: Intel Core i5-2400 (3.1 GHz) or AMD FX-6300 (3.5 GHz)


Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or AMD R9 270

DirectX: Version 11

Storage: 59 GB available space

3. Storyline

Continuing the journey of Rico Rodríguez after the events of Just Cause 3, players will experience Just Cause 4, where Rico continues his adventure in his homeland, Solis, a country located in South America. Solis is under the rule of Oscar Espinosa, a powerful force trying to develop a weapon to control and impose tyranny on the people. Seeing this dangerous situation, Rico quickly forms his own army with the goal of not only defeating Oscar Espinosa’s forces but also liberating the people from oppression.

In this perilous journey, Rico meets and connects with various individuals, discovering crucial information. Rico learns that years ago, his father, Miguel, unintentionally participated in a project sponsored by Oscar Espinosa to control the people of Solis. However, Miguel disagreed with the idea and decided to abandon the project decisively.

Unfortunately, the Espinosa dictatorship used its power to kill Miguel. Rico believes that this is the real reason behind his father’s sudden death. Fueled by burning revenge, Rico is determined to break the shackles of the tyrants controlling the people and eliminate them. Will Rico succeed in this dangerous mission and bring justice to his father? That’s the intriguing story you will experience when participating in this game.

4. Gameplay

Just Cause 4 shines with a unique playstyle, creating a free space in a vast and magnificent city. The game’s unlimited physics system constantly stimulates players, whether you are a “veteran” or a “rookie.” Confidently using your skills, you can destroy a bridge or soar through the sky with the help of support devices. Free-fall parachuting and diving truly break through the physical limits, allowing you to roam freely and wreak havoc.

Just Cause 4 truly knows how to satisfy gamers by providing an impressive gameplay that allows you to do whatever you want. With the ability to attach missile bombs and launch them into the sky or jump between towering skyscrapers, you can explode and destroy enemy bases to accomplish your mission. The freedom of action that Just Cause 4 brings is incredibly appealing, capturing gamers right from the first moments of experience.

5. Characters

  • Rico Rodriguez: An important character throughout the adventure, Rico underwent deep training at the CIA. With solid knowledge of weapons, vehicles, and other devices, Rico is among the reliable close protection forces of the CIA. Trained in a challenging environment, Rico has developed superior combat skills and participated in underground activities to support rebel groups and disrupt the dictatorship regime.
  • Maria Kane: A reliable teammate with a strong bond with Rico, serving as a supplier of equipment and controlling modern vehicles. With admirable abilities, Maria helps Rico provide the necessary tools for missions.
  • Tom Sheldon: A true Texan and passionate about fun activities and parties, Tom is also a close friend and former commanding officer of Rico. Tom plays the role of an advisor, providing support and sharing valuable experience with Rico on his journey.
  • Gabriela Morales: Rico’s most formidable and challenging enemy, believing that Rico is the cause of her mother’s death. This becomes Gabriela Morales’ biggest motivation to confront Rico Rodriguez and struggle against him.

6. Skills

Stepping into the universe of Just Cause 4, players must hone their supreme combat skills to face hundreds of enemies in harsh storms. At the same time, mastering advanced weapons is indispensable.

Take the Grappler, as mentioned earlier. In this version, the weapon has been significantly upgraded. To master its use, you need to spend hours training your skills and getting familiar with smooth operations.

In addition, leverage your innate leadership talent to support players in the fight against the dictatorial regime. With patience in training and bonding, you will gradually become accustomed to absolute freedom and develop combat skills, making enemies tremble in fear.

7. Graphics and Sound


Just Cause 4 stands out with an unmissable element – stunning graphics. With a unique 3D graphics system and changing harsh weather conditions, from thunderstorms, tornadoes, snowstorms to sandstorms, the game provides a vivid and realistic experience for players. You can experience it right on your laptop.

Surprisingly, Just Cause 4 has beautiful and interesting graphics to that extent. Meticulously drawn characters, dramatic chase scenes, and lively bomb explosion effects create a feeling as if you are watching a blockbuster action movie, not just a game.


Not only in terms of graphics, but Just Cause 4 also impresses with excellent sound. The fast and spirited melodies in intense confrontations with enemies make players shiver. The sound of guns and continuous gunfire also adds to the attraction. It cannot be denied that Just Cause 4 is truly a perfect work in the action game genre!


Through this article, it is hoped that you have gained a detailed understanding of the unlimited physics action game Just Cause 4.

Download the game here: Game Download Link

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